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While relying on computer control systems to run and manage production processes. In a fully automated facility, the machines and technology in an automated manufacturing system are interconnected and managed by these control systems.

Major benefits of employing such a system include lower costs, improved safety of workers, reduced factory lead times, a quicker Return on Investment (ROI), in addition to enhancing both your production output and the competitiveness of your operation.

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Through the comprehensive range of business software we offer, we guarantee your organization will not only experience a major difference but also thrive!

By cutting through automating routine tasks, improving staff efficacy and office productivity, streamlining business operations and accounts in addition to more efficient communication with customers, suppliers and partners, we guarantee that your organization will witness a change – AND for the better!!

Utilizing barcode printing greatly improves the accessibility and management of data while reducing costs and increasing productivity. Hence, improved accuracy with labeled assets as well as efficiency through freeing up employees for other work after eliminating manual tracking, are other benefits which can be exploited through usage of these printers.


Since the establishment of our company over 12 years ago, EJABI for reliable application has grown rapidly but steadily to consolidate its position both locally and across the MENA Region as one of the leading and most trusted players in the Technology industry.

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