Barcode Reader Newland HR 3290


Barcode Reader Newland HR 3290

The Barcode Reader Newland HR 3290  Marlin corded 1D/2D barcode scanner is a perfect balance of good quality and price. It was designed to be robust and rugged, making the device extra durable. With a sealing of IP54, the scanner is protected from any dust or moisture. Moreover, with a 1.5 M drop resistance, there is no need to worry about everyday drops and bumps.

HR3290 Marlin is equipped with one of Newland’s improved OEM scanning engines, which is capable of reading any type of barcode, even when it is damaged, covered with protective film, or displayed on a mobile phone screen at its lowest brightness level.

To keep the device conveniently close at hand, use the HR32 handheld scanner stand.

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