Message from our CEO

Since our inception back in 2011, we have grown significantly- proudly witnessing a success story being both attributed to and registered by your company – EJABI for reliable application.
Thanks to our strong commitment and dedication coupled with our expertise, we have proceeded to expand and diversify our operations, significantly contributing to our company becoming one of the leading players in the technology sector not only throughout Jordan but across the MEAN Region as a whole.
Thanks to our endless efforts, hard work and dedication, we succeeded in developing our reputation as one of the most competent and trustworthy providers of cutting-edge technology products and services to our customers, meeting and even exceeding their expectations.
All these mentioned attributes, have strongly culminated in developing a brand to our name coupled with a technological network comprising of systems, barcodes, barcode readers, printers and automation – our top priority being to ensure that each of our customers receives top priority every step of the way.
With the rapid technological advancements being witnessed over the years, I warmly invite you to utilize our professionalism and expertise in this field and build a long term mutually beneficial and fruitful relationship with our company.
Your success is undoubtedly ours!!!
Ahmad Mashhrawi
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

About us

Since the establishment of our company over 12 years ago, EJABI for reliable application has grown rapidly but steadily to consolidate its position both locally and across the MENA Region as one of the leading and most trusted players in the Technology industry.

As proof of our commitment and dedication towards our customers and their well-being, we guarantee delivery of top-notch technology products and services through our effectiveness, efficiency, dependability, and innovation- all of which have been key in attributing our growth and success in our area of specialization.  

To ensure you receive and experience up to date yet cutting-edge technology, our highly competent team of experts offer and resort to a VIP approach every step of the way from concept to the final deliverable.

Hence, our strong emphasis on “After Sale”, is further proof of our orientation toward developing long-term relationships.


To deliver top-notch cost-effective technology solutions and services to our customers, in order to increase their satisfaction, simplify their role, enhance their performance and build long term trust.


To become the leading technology solutions and service provider not only locally, but, regionally and even globally through delivering unique experiences, leading to long- term relationships based on trust, commitment and loyalty.

Our Core Values

Customer Focus

Since the successes experienced by our customers are ours, we simply attach top priority to their needs. In placing heavy emphasis on the journey of each and every one of our clients (before, during and after), we assist and support them in making significant changes thus contributing towards added value.


As a key contributor towards success, we work with our customers to achieve results for our mutual benefit, in order to learn, create and grow. Hence, we work extremely hard in order to advance cooperation among all stakeholders


Since we strongly believe in high quality as being the foundation of excellence, we continuously strive to provide products and services which will generate optimal results and offer the best possible solutions to our customers.


Through the heavy emphasis placed on innovation, we strive to come up with unique products, services and business solutions to support our customers in solving their problems and boost their satisfaction. In addition, we consider it to be among the most important factors in bolstering our growth, preparing us to meet future challenges.