Accounting system

The financial system of any organization that depends on the nature of its activity is the general accounting system, which contains all the activities and movements that take place in the organization of inventory, sales, purchases and restrictions of manufacturing… Etc. It is the final source of evaluation of the performance of the organization’s work in  full,  has taken into account the design of Ejabi system for public accounting flexibility and ease in establishing the tree of accounts and cost centers and linking them in other Ejabi systems with ease where the building of the account tree is freely built without adhering to the sets of knowledge and proven accounts within the system as You can extract any reports detailed by cost centers or standardized at the level of the same company as the user can define an unspecified number of currencies on the system  and has taken into account the design of the general accounting system on the need for multiple types of bonds restrictions in addition to major bonds such as (restriction, arrest and exchange)

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