Procurement system

Due to the urgent need to control local and external orders and issue statistical reports to find out the general situation within the company and follow up the purchase orders and the stages that go through it to reach order and then ship and save them and receive to enter the materials to the warehouses it was necessary to have a system that controls all of the above in a way that prevents mishandling and try to overlook one of the stages as this system provides several automated processes that provide an effort on the user such as identifying the items to be purchased according to the equations of the user in advance, and there is the possibility to create the order in advance, and there is the possibility to create the order. The process of migrating quantities received to warehouses is automated and the user has no party but to determine the warehouse in which the materials are placed, and this is provided by  Ejabi procurement system that is part of Ejabi commercial and financial systems that are linked and the system is based on specific and specific procedures in the sequence of purchase orders from (order entry, approval, purchase order, approval of the purchase order and printing) and follow-up of the information to open the provision and load the expenses on it and write accounting restrictions automatically and the system contains On a wide range of featured reports about orders by article, category, or supplier… Etc. important reports that can be adjusted as needed.  

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