Sales system

The existence of a strong sales system is one of the most important priorities of any business, controlling sales and analyzing it in several different ways allows the sales department, in general, to control and build clear sales plans based on real data, and the advantages of the work of any successful sales system are the ability of the system to link customers and their securities to the sales system, especially linking them to sales representatives.

To extract the results in several options such as sales analysis by (article, category, branch, delegate, customer, payment method, sales manager… Through  )  the system can manage everything related to customers and their data and all transactions that are made with them from sales, returns, discounts, payment and analysis of their sales in a variety of reports, statistics and you can export any reports extracted from the system in the form of files pdf, Microsoft Excel, Word

The system allows you to make quotes and enter their full information and then convert them to a sales order and sales invoices

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